What To Say To Your Boss That You Want To Quit From Job

You may be a dedicated employee and you may be very serious and professional towards your job but you can never say guarantee that a situation will not come in your life when you have to say goodbye to your present job and think to move forward in life. There may be various situations you may have to decide to quit your job.

quit your job

No matter whatever be the reason for quitting from your present company the most important thing is to inform your boss in a formal and polite manner. Actually, your boss should be the first person to know about the decision of your quitting.

This is because if your boss comes to know about your resignation from someone else then it may hurt him and create a bad impression on his mind. You may leave your job with the current employer but you should never end your relationship with your boss before leaving the company forever, as he is one of your vital networks whom you will require throughout your life.

Thus, if you have already taken the final decision to quit your job then you must meet your boss in person and let him know about your resignation instead of directly sending a resignation email or resignation letter to your boss. It is mostly seen that people generally send resignation email or resignation letter but before sending that if you meet him in person and tell about your decision it makes the relationship a lot better.

It is true that an effective resignation letter is very essential but meeting the boss in person and letting him know about it can certainly really make the difference between an awkward ending as well as the long-term professional connection opportunity. You may get printable templates of writing resignation letter on the Internet but getting suitable instruction about how to tell the boss about your decision of quitting the job is very difficult to get on the Internet. That is the reason why we have come up with some essential tips by which you can easily tell your boss that you have decided to quit your job.

Tips about how to tell your boss about the decision to quit the job

In this article, we have come up with some effective tips that will help you to tell your boss about your resignation from your current job before you hand him over the resignation letter:

  • Preparing the scene: The first thing that you need to do is to prepare a scene by which you can talk to your boss one-to-one without any kind of distractions. Then observing the situation you should deliver the news of your quitting the job to your boss. But while discussing the matter it is very important to have a lot of control over the situation. In this meeting, it is important that you lead the conversation rather than that of your boss. Quitting the job is a natural process and you are neither the first or last person who has taken the decision to quit the job. It is true that your employer will sooner or later get your replacement. That is why there is no reason to afraid to tell your boss about your resignation or to feel guilty. You must keep these things in mind and it will make your conservation a lot easier.
  • Expressing gratitude: No matter whether you like your boss or the company there is no necessity to express your feeling while talking with the boss regarding the quitting of your job. Rather it is very essential to always express your gratitude to your boss as well as the employer and always try to avoid any kind of personal criticism. You should always try to try to keep the things positive and always pepper the conversation by expressing gratitude towards your boss. You must thank your boss to provide you the opportunity to learn all the new skills and grow in your present job. You must also say that you are very grateful to your boss for the inspiration and support that you have received from your boss. Thanking your boss, employer, and colleague for the last time before leaving the job will help you to keep the things smooth.
  • Telling the reason why you are leaving: Though it is never mandatory to tell the exact reason why you have decided to leave the job still when talking to the boss in person about quitting the job it would certainly be the first question that your boss will ask you. That is the reason why before going to the boss you must prepare yourself what to tell him so that he gets convinced about your situation. However, when you have already decided to quit the job there is no need to think too much about the reason as in case your boss will not be able to stop you. It is just a formality and you must stay calm, positive and energized while telling the boss about the reason for your leaving and should not lose your control over the situation.
  • Telling the date of your last working day: It is another most important thing that you must point out while talking to the boss about the quitting of your job. You must decide it earlier when you are going to work last for the company. Accordingly, you should tell that date to your boss. If necessary you can download a free calendar and crosscheck the date before going to the boss but you should not make any mistake with this date. This is because once you tell the last date of working with the company your employer will start to search the new candidate for your replacement. If the date becomes wrong then there may be a huge issue.
  • Avoid burning bridge and venting: You may leave the job but do not destroy your connection and relationship with your colleagues and boss. You must keep your emoticon in check and always try to leave the company with a good impression rather than embarrassing memories. Remember that the more professional your farewell will be the more convenient it will be for you to get a decent reference from your boss.


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