Transfer Letter To Employee From One Location To Another

Everyone at some point of time needs to move from one place to another. It could be for various reasons. It could be that the place is not very comfortable for you or that you need to move on with your life or you could be searching for another job in a place. In all these cases, you need to transfer to another department and you have to write a letter for transfer to another location. Sample request letter for transfer to another location is given below in the article.

Sample Request Letter for Transfer to Another Location

Sample Request Letter for Transfer One

Sample Request Letter for Transfer One

Download Sample Request Letter for Transfer to Another Location in PDF

The Department Transfer Could Be For Various Purposes:

  • Due to family issues.
  • for spouse’s posting.
  • for educational opportunity.
  • to work in a different place or new teammates.

Some Tips For Writing Such Letters Are Given Below:

  1. First and foremost, thank the company that you are working for their support. Also, make sure to show gratitude.
  2. The wordings should be very polite and highlight your relationship with the company and that you would like to maintain it the same way.
  3. Point out the reason for transfer. This is the most important thing.
  4. Be to the point. Be as concise and brief.
  5. Have it mistake-free and accurate. It is always good to recheck.

In case you are transferring for marriage, then the request letter for transfer to another location due to marriage should specify the reason as marriage. Also, don’t forget to mention the position you are applying for. Also, be sure to highlight your skills, experience and interests. And explain why you want to advance in the company. you might like Sponsorship Request Letter.

Transfer Letter Format From One Location To Another

Transfer Letter to Employee Two

Transfer Letter to Employee Two

Download Transfer letter to employee from one location to another in PDF Format


A department job transfer letter is a formal letter. So, its format is very much similar to that of any formal letter. But make sure these steps are followed while you draft the letter.

Firstly, give your contact details like name, address and pin code.

It is followed by the date. Then give the recipient details like full name, address, designation etc. After a good salutation, proceed to write a brief subject. Give an introduction and then give the reason for transfer. Make the letter as positive as possible and the reason you give should not be fake. In case you want to transfer to another department, request letter for transfer to another department. Be sure to express passion, ability, strength and your experience.

Now mention the regards and thanks. And end the letter with your name and signature.

The samples are available for download in this page.

Employee Transfer Letter From One Department To Another

employee transfer letter Three

Employee Transfer Letter Three

Download Employee transfer letter from one department to another in PDF


Hence, a proper letter is very much required and plays a vital role in deciding if you will get your transfer or not. Transfer can be done to a particular post in spite the fact that you got promoted to another post or field. Always, reason is of paramount importance. Be sure to also point out your background relation with the company. you might like Leave Letter Formats.

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