What is Templates? Important Things to Know

A template is nothing but a format. It describes the way how something should be organized.Anything that requires a specified format will have a template, ex- notes, letters, certificate, etc. The templates basically give the outline or the layout of the structure of how the letter or notes should be made. Here, we will go through the templates for notes, letters, forms, certificates and applications. You will get a crux of the format of the mentioned templates. The rules to design the following templates will also be discussed. By the end of the article, you will be able to make a form,certificate, etc. without any external help.

Free, Printable and Editable Templates Online

The internet is always the best source when you want to know about any templates. Not just that it has the definitions and suggestions, but also it gives you free templates that you can refer to if you needed one. You can just search for whatever template you want and you will get plenty of free templates online. Some of the websites also provide free templates that can be downloaded and edited. So, if you find it difficult to make one on your own, there is always an option of downloading an available one from the internet and make the changes wherever necessary.

Free Editable Templates


Note Formats

There are different types of note-making. It depends on your needs. You can have notes for a meeting, to plan a party, about an event or a book. Note making is the process of cutting down long paragraphs or long sessions into words or points focusing only on the important aspects of it. For example, if we make notes on a meeting, we will focus on the people attended, the things discussed, etc. and it is usually listed in points. If you are making notes on any research article, you can list down the important points that you can refer to.

Note Templates


Letters – Formal and Informal

When it comes to letters, there are two types, the informal letter and the formal. The informal letter is written to your relatives or friends and is not needed now with the advent of the messaging facility. The formal letters are the ones that you write to some people of an organization usually for a favour. The format for all is usually the same with little modifications depending on the favour you are asking. The letter could for applying for a job, to the editor of a newspaper regarding something you want to publish in their column, to the police officer talking about some social issues, etc. A letter is a form of communication, but you cannot be casual in a letter. The tone should be formal.

Letter Formats



Forms are documents that are to be filled by any person needing an opportunity to be part of an event. The event could be a competition in a school, a small event or even filling out a form for getting a loan from a bank. It could be as important as applying for a job. Nowadays, many companies give out the application forms online. Forms don’t have any specific format. They just have the information that has to be filled by the participant or the person applying for the specific favour. When it comes to applying for a job, the form will ask for details about previous work experience, educational details, etc. If you are applying for a trip, it will need your personal details, but has nothing to do with your educational details. Forms depend on the purpose for which they were issued.

Online Forms Templates


Certificates Design

Certificates are proof that you have completed a certain course. It could be an educational, a job requirement, or any degree or course related to any activity. These certificates are usually applicable for educations qualifications or any skills necessary for jobs. You can find many types of certificate templates online including course completion certificate, certificate of participation, certificate of achievement, certificate of merit, etc. There are some agencies that design the certificates the way you want them. You can find online sources also that can design or modify the certificate templates the way you want them to be. You have to pay attention to the color scheme, the font, the layout and mainly that the course and the name is mentioned correctly.

Certificate Templates


Application Formats

Applications as the name says is a document that is used to apply for a job, a post or an exam, etc. If you want to apply for a job or for a school, you have to fill in an application form given by the organization. In general, the application forms are given out by the organization looking for candidates or applicants. The applications would specify the criteria for applying, the age limits, the educational qualifications, experience needed, etc. The application forms usually have the name of the organization on the top of the page and then the purpose to fill the application in the next line. It will then include the details of the applicants to be filled by them. Nowadays, applications come online for many organizations.

Application Templates


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