Best Free Recommendation Letter for Student from Teacher

A student might need a recommendation letter at times. And who is the best to recommend him or her other than the teacher. So, here we are going to discuss about the recommendation letter for a student by a teacher, why is it important and what all details to be covered in it.

Recommendation Letter for a Student from Professor Going to College

This is the main area where a student will need a recommendation letter. when he or she is entering a completely new zone, the authorities would like to know about the new guy who is coming in. In such cases, having a recommendation from your own teacher who had taught you for years and knows you pretty well is the best possible recommendation you could wish for. You might also like to read Sample Letter Of Recommendation For School Student.

The teacher having known you well, can clearly know your weak points and your plusses, the advantage that you have over the others in the same level and hence will be able to give a good recommendation with the valid stuff. The student as well as the authority can in a way be sure that the things mentioned in the recommendation letter is true and there is nothing to worry about the qualities, the achievements and the skills that the student possess as mentioned in the letter.

Recommendation Letter

The recommendation letter will include the following stuff:

Body of the Letter

The body of the letter will consider mainly the reasons why the particular student is being recommended by that teacher, what the teacher has found so special in that student that he/ she is so keen on getting them in the institution that they have applied for. Examples of the skill sets of the student can be covered over here.

Letter Closing

The closing part of the letter should be something positive and yet again humble. It should be similar to this, “hoping you would think about my request . . ..” or something similar thereby making the request once more. The language should be extra polite here.

Contact Information

You should be sharing your contact information after making the request once again in the closing of the letter. Email id. or contact number is the best possible stuff to give here. That is the easiest and the quickest way they can get back to you to know their response, be it positive or negative.

This is not part of the letter, but the thing that follows after you are done with the letter. Organise your letter properly with the proper font and make sure that it looks decent. 

Most of the teachers will give a recommendation based on your academic performances or the grades you received. You can give the teacher enough time to come up with her recommendation letter and you could also give some points regarding the same.  Read our Letter category for more.


The recommendation letter from the teacher is the most preferred because a teacher would be most connected with a student whether they know it or not and hence the reasons for the recommendation given by the teacher would be a trustworthy. So, you now know how to write a recommendation letter for a student from a teacher. So, whoever you are, now you know how to proceed from here. All the best.

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