Plan Your Week In Advance – Make A Successful And Effective Schedule

The plan allows you to clean up the thoughts and serves as one of the ways to combat procrastination. One of the reasons why we put things off is the lack of understanding of what can be done now, as well as the difficulty with the choice of tasks.

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When thoughts are spinning in your head, “I need to do this, this, this and another one,” you cannot decide what to undertake.

As a result, you end the day on the couch with a sense of panic and the fact that everything is out of control, that there is too much to do and you cannot cope with everything.

EFFICIENT PLANNING has long become a stable expression and is considered the key to successful work. The pursuit of each tick in the list is unlikely to add composure, but to paint the main tasks for a couple of days or a week ahead will not interfere with anyone. We will tell you how to do it quickly and without panic.

In time management manuals, it is recommended to schedule tasks for the week at the earliest from Sunday, or even from Friday to Saturday. Do not delay the distribution of cases – and you will not have to meet Monday morning in confusion.


Get help of these 7 Weekly Planner Templates.


If you like applications to do everything for you, find the right structure. There are plenty of planners based on famous Pomodoro technology, and there are severe virtual managers like Wrike. The more straightforward option is any basic application for notes.

We do not rely on relying on the phone calendar when scheduling tasks for the whole week: as a rule, people rarely drop in there and remember a meeting only when a notification arrives, and few people are pleased to hear the ringing every half hour.

Paper list lovers are reminded of # 365done checklists: you can select a weekly list for various purposes. The good old diary also will not let you down.

Planning according to Eisenhower “it is important – it does not matter, urgently – not urgently” – an instead conditional method: the impossibility to determine in advance the status of each item of the plan will freak out rather than speeding up its implementation. To get started, make a list of tasks for the week: write down the regular and one-time, household and work items separately. Then arrange them by day and, if possible, by time.

Mark with different colors or symbols (asterisks, exclamation marks, and even emoji) particular tasks: plans with high priority, meetings, and so on. You can also mark or put in a separate list of things that you delegated to other people.

There are days when you do not want to do anything at all, and there is no strength. In order not to merge them into absolute zero, make a plan for “lazy days.” Write in it tasks that can be done easily and quickly, and tasks that do not require serious effort – mechanical work that does not load the brain. In the days when you feel that you cannot do anything, there is no strength, get your “lazy” plan and do a couple of things from it. In the evening, you will be proud of yourself, you will see.

Take five minutes a day before you begin to write goals and priorities. It will return your focus on current tasks and help avoid lagging on social networks. After you write down your goals and priorities, list the things you are doing today.

Make out your plans in such a way that you want to look at them more often. Use stickers, colored markers, beautiful paper.

Do not overload your daily plan. It is better to write less but to complete the list than to transfer the same tasks for which you did not have enough time to do it day after day.

Get a planning partner and discuss your tasks and problems with him once a week. Together with like-minded people, the process is more natural.


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