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Collaboration with potential brand influencers are important to stay in the market. A collaboration email hence is something that you should know of. You can get collaboration email example online to check out how it is written. Here, we will be focusing on some of the key parameters that shouldn’t be missed out in a collaboration email.

Collaboration Email Key Points:

1. Contact info

The most input from your side in the collaboration mail should be your introduction with all contact details. Albeit the email address is already specified in the mail, you should be providing all the necessary details to contact you. By giving all the details, you are being completely open with the recipient of the mail. Your contact information will include, your name, your position, name of the company, address and the contact number.

2. Catchy Subject

The subject of an email is as important as the subject in a formal letter. It is like the title or may be a one-line introduction to the email that you have sent. It has to be a catchy one to attract the interest of the recipient. If the subject line is not interesting to the recipient, there is very less chance of him reading you mail leading to no collaboration.

3. Proper Plan

Before you write the email to the client, you should have a proper plan. Come up with an idea that the guy at the other end will be interested in and also one that will be useful to you in future.

Also, focus on the important points that you want to discuss with the client. Have an organised marketing sequence so that the possible client doesn’t think that you are just selling but will feel that you are planning to work together with them.

4. A well laid out message

The content in the mail is the most crucial element. This is the part where you tell about your motives and the reason why you have selected the recipient to work together in future. Talk about the plan, the ways you are going to work out the plan, the ways how you are going to achieve the targets, etc. Keep it simple and to the point, don’t beat around the bush and then come to the main part.

The readers are busy people and will not be interested in long messages. Keep it short with rich content. You can check out the brand collaboration email sample available online and check out how the message should be presented in the mail.

5. Promotional Suggestions

If you want a brand influencer to collaborate with you, you should be presenting him/ her a promotional suggestion. You can show samples of your work to make them believe you. Again, keep the message short.

There are some other small but important elements that must be included in a collaboration email. Mention your gratitude to the possible client. Also, give a timeline as to when the project should start. A person who is really interested in collaborating with you will take that chance and give a reply.

Mention your rate. Give an estimate of your rate so that the recipient can make out your expectations and decide if they want to work with you in future.

Another important thing to be noted in a collaboration mail is that it should be genuine. Never copy paste from the available sources rather use them as guidelines. Copying will just make you lose your credibility. You can check out the collaboration pitch email templates available online and note the format or the key elements.

Sample Collaboration Email:

collaboration email example

Collaboration Email Example

Download Collaboration Email Example in DOC

Download Collaboration Email example One in PDF


collaboration pitch email sample template

Collaboration Pitch Email Sample Template

Download Collaboration Pitch Email Sample Template in Word DOC

Download Collaboration Pitch Email Sample Template in PDF


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