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Note Making: How to Recollect the Important Parts

Notes as the word suggests is making notes of the entire details in short terms by referring to which you get the crux of the entire topic. Note making is done for various activities, be it a topic you are doing research, an activity that you are looking forward to, a meeting that has to be arranged, etc. The aspect of note-making that makes it essential is that it gives us the crux of the entire event of the topic of discussion and focuses on the important things involved. You can anytime refer to the notes to know the details of the event.

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If you have to list out the advantages of making notes, there are many but the most important one among all the advantages is the time you save. Whether it is an event of a meeting or and chapter that you read, notes will focus on the important points. It will give you the gist of the topic anytime later. So, you don’t have to read the entire chapter again or listen to the entire meeting or conversation again to get the gist of the event. The better you make the notes, the easier it will be to recollect the events and the points discussed on.

How to make Notes

The purpose of making notes is to get the entire topic when you have to refer to them again without going through the entire content. Notes are usually made for lectures, chapters, presentations, meetings, etc. People usually use short forms or abbreviations while making notes. People also make up their own short terms that they can understand anytime they refer to the notes again. The kind of notes and the short forms used depend on the purpose and the people referring to the notes later. If you are doing a study on any topic then you can make your own terms for long and important parts of the topic. But when the notes made are to be referred by a team then you have to make the list of terms at the end of the page so that everyone knows the terms that you have used.

Types of Notes

Types of notes depend on the purpose. Notes are made for the planning of upcoming events, for getting a crux of a chapter that you have gone through, the events that happened in a meeting, a party that has to be planned, etc. If you are making notes of any meeting, it can start with the participants, the turn of events, the points discussed in the meeting, etc. When it comes to a trip or an event, it can include the number of people, the accessories needed, etc. If it involves cost, then that should be covered in the note. If you are making a note for a trip, then you should cover the route taken, the total distance involved and the cost.

Where to get them

Notes are something that you make for yourself so you can later refer it to understand the events or the topics discussed. It could be referred later to know the events that took place or the number of people who were involved in the event. Notes are made for a particular event or any topic. So, if you want to make notes on any topic, you might find them online. But if you want to make notes on any particular event, then you can go through note-making templates to know how to make the job easier.


Note-making is always essential to keep track of the events or to make it easier to recollect the topics discussed. If you make notes for yourself, you can use your own terms but when you make notes for a group for official purposes, you have to mention the meaning or the full forms of the terms used in the note at the end. The kinds of note-making and the essential components to be specified in the notes have been discussed. If you are making notes in the future, you could follow the guidelines and make notes. If you want any practice, it will be helpful if you take any topic and browse it on YouTube and start making notes on the video.