Free Monthly Employee Schedule Templates

An employee schedule plays an important role when it comes to business. Every organisation will have a plan, they will have some dates for which certain tasks have to be done or certain targets have to be achieved within those deadlines. For all these purposes, there has to be an employee schedule template to fix these dates and to cover the other details like the tasks to be done. So, let us check out how these templates are made and what all to include in these schedule templates.

Monthly Employee Schedule Template in Excel

Benefits of Monthly Schedule Template

Well, we should go one step at a time. And neither should be the plan so short, so set short goals and achieve those short goals and in the future, the long goals that are to be met with will be reached. So, it is better to start with a monthly employee schedule in excel for an organisation. You could also go for a yearly one, but that would go too long. S, let us start slowly with the monthly google sheet template. So, let us check on the contents that are to be included in the monthly schedule templates. Here are some tips for you to prepare one. You might like to see our more Templates.

Know Your Employee Priorities

The preferences would differ from person to person and this same thing is reflected in an organisation as well. Some might find it convenient to work in the mornings, some of the employees would prefer night shifts and there would be some who might not have a problem with all these. Similarly, some of the employees will not be flexible with the dates you assign them to perform certain tasks. This is the most important thing to be checked first as the performance of the employee depends on his mood and for that the timings and the dates should be flexible.

Create Schedule ahead of time

The works to be given to the employees, the tasks that everyone must complete, the deadline and all the info regarding the work should be given to the employees prior to the job. It should not be given all of a sudden and the employee should not be asked to finish some job the very next day.

Schedule should be Easily Accessible

Like it was mentioned before, every one might not have the same mindset with the working hours and hence care should be taken that the dates given to the employees to perform the specific task, they are flexible with it.

Excel can make Your Life Easier

Storing the data in the form of tables is the easiest way in following it up in the later stages. And excel is the best tool for the job.

Start Clasping Technology

Well, with the advent of technology everything becomes easier. When it comes to fixing the schedule, the talk of technology is just sharing the stuffs online, i.e. the dates, the tasks assigned and the employees to whom it has been assigned to.


Creating an employee schedule is an easier task with the facility like excel. You can check online for the templates and also refer to the one provided here for an idea on how to make one. Complete your schedule and make the words easier for your employees. Plan your week with our Weekly Planner Templates.

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