Letter of Acknowledgement of Receipt

Ever thought of what a letter of acknowledgement of receipt is? Do you know where and how it can be useful? This article deals with writing a letter of acknowledgement of receipt. This is a type of formal letter.

A letter of acknowledgement of receipt of documents is given when a particular document is given and received by two parties. Similarly, as you can say a letter of acknowledgement of receipt of payment is a short letter that denotes confirmation of receiving a payment. So, in simple words, it says what is agreed and discussed between two entities.

Tips for writing acknowledgement letter

Around every time, a company will receive or will have to send documents or payments to others. When there is a payment transaction, then letter of acknowledgement of receipt of payment is very much necessary to be drafted. Such a letter can clarify the legal status shared by the companies or people. Check Acknowledgement Letter for Sending and Receiving Documents.

The following are to be considered while drafting such letters:

  1. Make sure you address the right person: while drafting the letter, one must always remember the person it is going to be addressed to and also, it should be delivered at the right time. Be sure to keep a copy to yourself for any future references.
  2. Open your letter with receipt of document: the reference given to such letter should be different from normal documents to avoid unwanted confusion. Be sure to refer right person while sending such a letter.
  3. Be descriptive: take the authority to explain the following step in a detailed and descriptive manner. Ensure the date and time of the sending or receiving is put in the letter.
  4. Acknowledge any relation in a positive way: make sure that the letter is written in a positive note. Express that you are looking forward to build the relationship between your companies. It will be mutually beneficial.
  5. Avoid bad grammar in business letters: it may seem a bit cliched, but it is a very basic and important point to remember. Proofread the letter to make sure no mistakes are present. In case mistakes are present, correct them at once and don’t wait to correct them all at once.



Letter of Acknowledgement of Receipt


Download Letter of Acknowledgement of Receipt in DOC

Download Letter of Acknowledgement of Receipt in PDF


Format for acknowledgement letter:

The initial impression one gets if from the way the letter is formatted. Let the letter be as accurate and professional as possible. Check Agreement Letter Between Two Parties.

The layout of the letter should be like:

  • First mention the sender’s information, that is your name, designation, place etc., followed by the date of writing the letter. It is followed by the receiver’s information which also contains the same information like name, designation etc.
  • Then the salutation is given to the receiver, followed by a very brief subject. The subject of the letter is followed by the body of the letter. Starting line of the body should be professional, something like, ‘organization is acknowledging the receipt of the following doc’. Only mention the main points and topic of discussion.
  • The subject of the letter should say that is a letter of acknowledgement of receipt of document or goods or payment.


In the world of business, letters play a very vital role. Acknowledgement letters are very often written by people for various purposes. These letters are very important as it proves whether a individual or company has received a particular document or goods or service. Be sure it is well drafted so that no problems regarding it arise in the future.

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