5 Leave Letter Sample Formats

A leave from the office is one of the basic requirements for any employee. A leave letter is simply a mode of communication stating the need of this requirement and the duration of the same.

An employee will require a leave for multiple reasons, it could be some important family function, some medical reasons or any thing for that concerns the person and for which he has to devote some time for and hence will not be able to make it to the office for a specific period of time for which he has to avail leave. So, let us check out the method of writing the leave letter for school to the authority concerned and the format for the same.

Leave letter Details

Like any other letter to a higher authority in your office, the leave letter should also begin with the sender’s info, that is- your name followed by your position in the office and your address. This is followed by the higher authority or your employer to whom you are writing, his/ her name followed be their designation and the name of the company followed by the branch/ office location. You might like: Resignation Letter.

Give a salutation to the person and then mention the subject- “application for leave regarding . . .” and then you can go on to the body of the letter.

Start the first para stating the duration of the leave you want with the dates. Then you can continue with the reasons for the leave letter for marriage, be it medical reasons or family functions or whatever.

Next, assure the employer that the work that you will miss these days will be completed on time by going for the overtime option. Make sure that there won’t be any delay from your side and that the employer and the organisation will not face any serious issue because of the leave that you are about to take.

If you are done with all these paras, make the ending in a polite manner like, “hoping you will consider my request . . . “. End the letter by “Yours faithfully” or “Yours sincerely” followed by your signature and your name.

Make the letter brief and fill it with precise reasons for the leave. It should not be a cooked-up story or else you will be in trouble in the later stages where they to ask for proof of the reason that you provided while availing the leave.

After you are done with writing the letter, you can just pass it on to your employer and wait for his decision. Make sure you give the letter few days before you want the leave so that in case of any urgencies the employer can make up with some adjustments.

Sample Leave Letter in Word Document Format :

leave letter format one

leave letter format one

Download leave letter in Word Doc format one

Leave Letter for School

leave letter for school two

leave letter for school two

Download Word Doc – Leave letter for school two

Leave Letter for Marriage

Marriage-Leave-Letter-Format Three

Marriage Leave Letter Format Three

Download Marriage Leave Letter Format Three in Document

Leave Letter for Office Sample

leave letter for office four

Short leave letter for office four

Download Short leave letter for office four in Doc

Leave Letter for Personal Reason

sample leave letter for personal reason five

Sample leave letter for personal reason five

Doc – Sample leave letter for personal reason five


The leave letter format for personal reason & the important contents to be included in a leave application letter has been included in the above passage. Follow it and you can write a letter to your employer for the same purpose. Some examples are also provided to help you with the same. Make good use of this facility over here and avail your leave to complete the non-official tasks. You might like Employment Verification Letter.

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