Simple Job Offer Letter from Employer to Employee

A job offer letter from an employer is the letter that comes with the happiest news, the letter that tells you how well you can settle in your life. Well, so how does the employer write this letter. This letter being concerned with a job, and especially being written by an employer to an going to be employee, which specifies the higher position of the sender, has to be written in a formal way and hence has a format to be followed along with some important contents to be put in the letter.

What should be there in a Job Offer Letter

The job offer letter says that the candidate to whom the letter has been written to is being offered a job for a particular position in that firm. So, along with the basic stuff like contact info, address, etc. it should ask the receiver if he/ she is ready to take up the offer along with a request of getting back to the employer or the sender with the decision.

Job Offer Letter from Employer
Job offer letter from employer to employee
Simple Job Offer Letter Sample

Some Tips – Job offer letter from employer

There are some specific contents to be included in the job offer letter as mentioned before. Let us take a note on that specificities. You might like to read Employment Verification Letters.

Focus on Job Information: Describe the job that you are offering to the candidate to whom you are writing the letter. You can actually notify the candidate on the requirements of the position.

Include Specific Examples: You can tell them about some of your works (which are not confidential, and hence can be shared). The candidate will get a better idea with such examples.

Try to be Positive: Well, a job offer letter will always have a positive effect on the candidate. But still you need to focus on how polite you are in the letter. The candidate should have a feel that the employer has faith in his/ her abilities and is looking forward for him/ her in the company.

Share Your Contact Information: A job offer letter is one of the letters that has to get a quick response. So, in order to achieve that you should be sharing your contact info namely your email id, contact number and the office address.

Salary/ CTC & Others: The salary or CTC, however the company is providing it to the candidate has to be mentioned in the offer letter. The letter should also specify if the company provides the other necessities like food, accommodation, transport facility, etc. Also, the properties the company provide, for ex. Laptop, should be mentioned in the letter.

Concentrate on the format of the letter. It should be a formal letter written in a polite tone and expecting a quick response from the receiving end. Please do make sure that the date has been put up, so that the candidate knows from when he/ she is there in the list of the selected favourites for the job. You could also give some of the benefits of joining your company in the body.


The given passage has mentioned all the necessary stuff to be included in a job offer letter to an employee from an employer. If you are the employer, please do cover all the essential items that has been mentioned above and make sure that the candidate to whom you write the letter has no confusion regarding the job that is being given.

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