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In the lookout for the best quality business invoice template? Well, here you will come across a few which will serve your purpose. An invoice template is simply a bill or in other words a commercial document that relates the transactions carried out or the prices that the buyers have agreed upon. It is usually issued by the seller to the customer.

One main feature that this bill carries is the billing date or the duration which specifies the time in which the amount have to be paid. An invoice template is the responsibility of a seller and the to be paid list to a buyer.

So, having known about what it basically is, let us check out some types of invoice templates for Business and then you can decide on what type of template you need to meet your demands. You can also see Business Plan Template.

Standard Invoice:

This is the name given in the layman’s language. The same pattern is followed in any business transaction or field transaction. This will consist of all the data related to the product or the service, the product name, name of the company, location, vax total, VAT, maximum retail price, profits, contact details of the seller, etc.

Commercial Invoice:

This is not one of the common types. This is a specially designed one to make note of the shipments, foreign trade, transactions between or through the borders of two countries, etc. Well, this invoice also consists the basic information of the customer and the seller.

Progress Invoice:

The name should have given you some idea. This invoice deals with the transactions that takes time or the works that give the end result over a long period of time. This invoice is made use of in construction industry, the type of works that are expensive. Transactions are met up be sending or receiving the invoices.

Utility Invoice:

Well, this is the one that forms the services that we make use of in our daily lives namely internet connection, electricity, phone bill, etc. Pending Invoice – the name says what type of invoice this is. Pending invoice specifies the pending bills of the customer, the time duration (for how long they are pending), etc.


These are the type of special invoices that are preferred by the professionals. The name is because, these are to serve the professionals whose services are valued on the basis of time. the professional who prefer these invoices are mainly psychotherapists, lawyers or the professionals who offer more intellectual services to their customers.

Invoice Format

The format of an invoice template specifies the stock details and represent them in a clear way to make the tasks related to them simpler. When you provide the necessary details, accessing your company becomes an easy task. Invoice templates are one of the important stuffs required for an organisation. You can download Team Meeting Agenda Template.

Download Free Printable Invoice Template in Doc, PDF and Excel:

Invoice Templates Business One

Invoice Templates Business One

Download Invoice Templates Business One in Excel Format

Download Invoice Templates Business One in Word Document Format

Download Invoice Templates Business One in PDF Format

Simple Invoice Template

Simple Invoice Template Two

Simple Invoice Template Two

Download Simple Invoice Template Two in PDF

Invoice Templates for Business Services

Invoice Templates for Business Services Three-1

Invoice Templates for Business Services Three

Download Invoice Templates for Business Services Three in Excel

Download Invoice Templates for Business Services Three in PDF

Download Invoice Templates for Business Services Three in Doc

Blank Invoice Template

Blank Invoice Template Four

Blank Invoice Template Four

Download Blank Invoice Template Four in PDF

You can find more at our category Template.

Basic Points to be included in an Invoice Template:

Title & Dates:

A title is necessary to mark an invoice like one. The date of issue and the payment due date are other necessary data.

Invoice Number:

All invoice templates should have a number to identify them.

Customer’s Information:

The face of the company, i.e. the name and address.

Products/Services Detail:

The details of the products you sell or the services the company provide.


The rate at which a unit of the product is sold or per service is given.


It is a type of tax placed on an item every time a value is added to its initial state.


The total amount that the customer owes to the company.

How to Write an Invoice Template

First of all, provide your contact information, i.e. number, address, email, etc. If you have a logo, use the business logo as the heading to make it attractive. Include the recipient’s information and your payment terms. Make a chart to specify all the details- services, dates, quantity, rate, subtotal, etc. Calculate the subtotals and total and include it in the invoice.


Invoice Template is one of the marketing tools. Make sure this marketing tools that sells you company name stands out from others.

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