7 Generation Family Tree Template

7 generation family tree template is simply a flowchart that represents the members of your in increasing order of dates. It is one easy method of mentioning the family relationships, obviously not among the family members, but for the reference of others. And a family tree has to be an editable one, the reason being obvious, a family won’t have fixed number of members, it keeps on growing.

So, all it takes for you get on the right track to know the details about your ancestors is some research with some help from the free family tree templates in excel we have provided here. Yes, you read it right. The templates are free.

About a Family Tree Template

Well, there won’t be anything much to tell on what to include in a family tree. It is just the names of the members depending on which member you want to start with. But there are few important stuffs you have to take care of while making a 7 generations family tree. So, let us check how to get the family tree set right. You might like Brand Collaboration Email Template.

  • Right Format: Choose the right format when you go about with your family tree. It should sound like a story. Well, it is your story after all. Gather all the memories that you had with your family buddies, the times you spent with your cousins, the night outs you had, the mischief you did in your childhood, all can come in the category of family experiences. Get the maximum that you can and add more value to your family tree.
  • Look for Theme: The theme is just to add colour to your family tree. Get a good theme for the family tree template 7 generations, could be related to anything, faith, work, etc.
  • Define the Scope of your Family History: Well, it is in your hands to design the length of the family tree. It could be just you, your spouse and your kids, limiting the scope with your small family. Or you could go for the joint family which includes your paternal and maternal relatives, cousins and even their relatives as well. Adding more people will increase the memories as well.
  • Locate & Analyse Important Records: Well, this is needed only if you are not limiting yourselves with the small family that includes your spouse and children alone, but you are going for the bigger family and would want to learn about your ancestors as well. In that case, you would need to record the events that happened by getting bits and pieces of information from valid sources.
  • Conduct Interviews:Document the dates about the special events and conduct interviews. Ask important questions regarding some important events to note them down in detail.

Done with the mentioned steps. Well, then you are actually ready to share your family tree with others. It is time to let the people know your story.

Download Family Tree Template 7 Generation in PDF, EXCEL and DOC Format:


family tree template 7 generations

Family Tree Template 7 Generations


Download Family Tree Template 7 Generations in PDF


Download Family Tree Template in DOC


Download Family Tree Template 7 Generations in Excel



As you see, free excel family tree template 7 generations has been provided here. Also, you now know how to make one on your own. If you follow whatever was mentioned in the passage, be assured that you will be doing great with the family tree. Keep the family tree safely, this is going to be a record for your future generations to know something about your family history. You might like Loan Agreement Template.

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