Certificate Templates

What You Know About Certificates?

A certificate is a document of authentication that you have completed a course. It could be any course, it could be an educational one, it could be one related to skills, it could be any miscellaneous activity like swimming, it could be anything that will need you to take a course. You will be receiving the certificate after the completion of the course. The course completion would probably have an exam or a kind of test to prove that you are skilled in the specific activity of course. On completion of the test successfully, you would be given the certificate as proof that you have competed the course. This certificate can be provided anywhere in future as proof.

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Benefits of Certificates

The certificate serves a lot of purposes. If you take the basic need of applying for a job that requires a certain amount of skills, if you have completed a course on that particular skillset and have a certificate to prove it, you have an edge over the others. This applies to any activity, not just application for jobs. The usual way of approaching candidates for any activity is by giving out application forms. So, if you are applying for a job, you can always have the edge over the other applicants who do not have a certificate to prove their merit. A certificate of any kind is considered better than not having any certificate. It could be a participation certificate as well. It serves as a proof that you are no stranger to the platform.

How to use Certificate Templates

How to use depends on your requirement. A certificate is usually provided to prove that you have proven your skill in a particular activity. But if you are from an agency and want to design a certificate to give out to the participants or the winners of the event you are organizing, then it is always good to start with a template. Look out for the category and search for online templates. There are websites that would allow you to download. You could check out the samples available and edit the necessary fields like the name of the organization. For a person who is applying for a job, it is best to carry your certificate along with your resume for the interview and also mention the certification in the resume.

Types of Certificate

The types of certificates depend on the activity. There are many certifications nowadays including the ones given out by schools and universities when we attend them and then the ones given by universities where we can take their courses online as a long-distance program. Now, there are courses for every programming language and every skill that can get you a job. Then there are certificates for the extra-curricular activities that you attend. It can include instrumental courses, sports, painting and many more. Like mentioned before, many of the courses are nowadays given online by the institutions and the certificates are also given online. One just has to register, pay and take online classes and get the certificate after completing the course.

Where to Get Them

To a person or an organization in the lookout to design certificates, the best source is the internet. You could find scores of samples on every category of certificates. There are many samples available online that will guide you on designing a certificate. There are agencies that will help you with the requirement. There are websites that give out templates for free. You could check out the templates available online and develop on yourself. If you are ready to outsource, then you can rely on any agency that provides the certificate.

For people who are looking for a certification, the best source is again the internet where you will find many universities offering courses in their websites.


The various types of certificates, their uses, advantages and the edge that you have over others when you have a certification have been discussed. You could now just check out the sites for the templates, display, layout and the perfect words to be used to design a certificate. The design could vary depending on whether it is a merit certificate or a participation certificate. You can check out online specific to the purpose and the content that has to be put on the page and design a certificate.