Standard Free Business Card Template Design

A business card is a small card with your name and the necessary contact details related to the company. The card is compact enough to be kept in your wallet or pocket. These cards bear all the information that any person needs to know about the company and about you in relation to the  company.

How to make an impressive business card template

Business card templates can be printed by anyone who owns their own business. The template is for a business card just a layout of how it should be. You should make a good impression when you design one for you. Special attention should be given while choosing a brand, adding logos, images and other necessary stuff. Some of the cards make use of UV printing.

Business cards are meant to be free. They are the form of introduction you give to the world about your business or your company (check our free blank business card templates below). It should be done in a creative way with all important features covered. These cards are the first thing that people will look out for when they want to contact you.

Designs to Mainstay Your Brand

Four W’s

The main four W’s, i.e.- Who, What, Where & Why should be there in the card. Because, those are the first set of things that anyone checking out the card will look for, they will check who you are, if they already know you, then they will go for the next questions like what you do, where are you located and why you do it.

Creative Constraints & Unusual Materials

Use of bright colours in your card will serve the purpose of keeping it attractive. A right mix of colours with the logo placed in the proper position and every data given with the more important ones highlighted in some way will make it possible to give a good introduction through your card. Size is also an important factor, make sure it doesn’t cross the standard business card size.

Use of unusual material for the card is another way of creating a good impression. It could be made of transparent metal, plastic, paper or even wood. The strength of the card should also be maintained. It should not be torn easily.

You can give your card a stylish finish to give it a classic look and be different from others.


Be creative, but keep it simple. Creativity should be used in providing the card handlers the right information, for example- highlighting the email address in blue colour & underlining the letters. People would find it convenient to read black letters on a white piece of paper. Cover all details and keep it short and to the point.

Work on the specifications and include the right stuff in the right place.

Types of Business Card templates

  • Classic Business Card
  • Wild Format Business Card
  • Social Networker’s Business Card
  • Gadget Business Card
  • Company Card
  • Typography Business Card

The classic template is the standard template used by people. You can go with it in case you don’t have any ideas in your mind.

Wild format business card are the cards that come up with a design by playing with the formats to make the letters get noticed is one trick used here.

If you are a company owner, you can go for the company card template. This covers the details of the company along with yours.

Check our Free Printable Blank Business Card Template Designs:

Business Card Template one

Business Card Template one

Download Business Card Template one in PDF

Business Card Template

Business Card Template ( Front and Back) Two

Business Card Template ( Front and Back) Two

Download Business Card Template ( Front and Back) Two in PDF

Business Card Template Photoshop or PSD

Business Card Template Photoshop or PSD Three

Business Card Template Photoshop or PSD Three

Download Business Card Template Three in Photoshop or PSD

Business Card Template Word or Google Docs

Business Card Template Word or Google Docs Four

Business Card Template Word or Google Docs Four

Download Business Card Template Four in Word or Google Docs

Blank Business Card Template

Blank Business Card Template Five

Blank Business Card Template Five

Download Blank Business Card Template Five in PDF


Many business card templates designs are available online falling in the mentioned categories. Depending on the requirement, you could choose one of the templates that suits your purpose. Basically, it should carry the information like who you are, the company, what it is and you contact info.

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