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BMI chart Templates are the charts that shows the body fat. It is a chart that measures the body fat depending on the weight and the height. The formula to find BMI will come in the continuation of the passage. The factors like age, muscle mass, sex, etc. are not necessary in determining this chart. It just shows if the person is healthy, if he is overweight, underweight or obese according to the height.

If the BMI of a person goes out of range, his health is in danger.

Easy BMI Formula / BMI Equation / BMI Calculator

BMI= x Kg/ (yM x yM).

Where, x is the weight of the person in kilograms and y is the height in meters.

For example- a person weighing 68 kg and having a height of 1.7 meters would have a

BMI = 68 kg / (1.7m x1.7m) = 23.529 kg/sq. m

So, now we know how to calculate the body mass index of a person. So, lets us explore the downloadable BMI chart templates a little more. We will go forward and check which of the BMI table values are good for a person to be in good health. Like people say, high amount of fat in the body is not good for health. The same thing applies for excess height without gain in weight.

Which BMI Ranges are Good?

  • If the BMI value is less than 18.5, the person belongs to the underweight category.
  • If the BMI value lies between 18.5 and 24.9, the person is completely normal. This is a
    healthy weight range.
  • If the BMI value lies between 25.0 and 29.9, the person comes in the overweight category.
  • If the BMI value is above 30.0, then you fall in the obese range.

The ideal value of BMI for a person to be in proper health is between 18.5 to 24.9. You can get here Free Business Card Templates.

Download BMI Chart Templates For Men Women Adults in PDF Formats

BMI Chart Templates One

BMI Chart Templates One (Men & Women)

Download BMI Chart Templates One in PDF

BMI Calculator

You can calculate BMI by entering Height and Weight here:

Supplied by BMI Calculator

Printable BMI Result Table

Printable BMI Table Adults

Printable BMI Table Adults

Download Printable BMI Table Adults in PDF

Printable BMI Chart For Adults in KG or LBS

BMI Chart For Adults in KG or LBS

BMI Chart For Adults in KG or LBS

Download BMI Chart For Adults in KG or LBS in PDF

BMI Chart in Pounds

bmi chart pounds

BMI Chart in Pounds

Download BMI Chart Pounds in PDF Format

Ways to be Healthier

  • Exercise daily: exercise is one activity that gives you control over your weight. It improves the body
    condition completely, normal blood pressures, lesser cholesterol, better eyesight and many more.
    Please do it daily however less time is available.
  • Eat fresh vegetables: vegetables provide the essential nutrients required for the body to be in
    proper condition. It reduces the risk of diseases and strokes.
  • Proper night sleep: might be wondering what effect will less sleep will have on your BMI. Well, it
    has. Improper sleep or lesser sleeping hours will affect your BMI and your health.
  • Maintain a food table: we eat many items every day. Well, all of them are edible but are they
    nutritious? Proper check should be taken that your body gets whatever it needs daily. It cannot be
    compensated in the coming days. Maintain a balanced diet.
  • Be selective with your food: we need all the nutrients. Fats are necessary, just that you should not
    have an overdose. Avoid junk food as far as possible, consume nutrient rich stuffs.

Here, we have taken the BMI chart values and shared it with you so that you can keep a check on
your health and your BMI. The formula can be used to calculate your BMI, check out the ranges from
the BMI table, if you belong to the healthy category then no issues, continue your good food habits.
Else, check where you went wrong, follow the habits mentioned and maintain a proper BMI and
hence a good health. Try to get your BMI in the normal range provided in the BMI chart and
maintain it.

You can discover more template category.

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