What Is The Best Format To Use For A Resume

Your resume is the very first line of communication between you and the company official. Like they say, the first impression has to the best. So, you should make sure that you present yourself in the best way in your resume i.e resume in best format. The interviewer will take a look at your resume for a few seconds before he begins the interview. so, what does it take to impress your interviewer in those few moments. Let us take a look at few of the resume templates format here and learn how to build a strong resume.

What Format To Use For Building A Strong  Resume?

Well, every one knows that a resume is a basic introduction about yourself that you give to your company. But there is a way of putting down those facts, an order that has to be followed, not only for keeping the format but also for impressing the interviewer. Let us check the necessary format a resume should contain with their preferences.


Resume Format

Best Format To Use For A Resume

1. Name & Contact Info:

Well, if you get the job the concerned authorities will need to get back to you. For that you should be providing your email address, contact number and residential address along with your name.

2. Objective:

This part is just for the sake of format to be followed.

3. Academic Info:

Any company will want to know about your school and college. This is essential as a format and also it is a plus point if the institutions are the elite ones like IITs or BITS Pilani. It can be either in ascending or in descending order, but your resume should contain the details about your 10th, 12th and your college education details with the scores. Any gaps in studies also should be mentioned.

4. Experience:

If you have a job experience, make sure you mention it in such a way that it gets noticed. Or else, this column won’t do much good for you.

5. Internships and Implants:

All companies would like to hire a guy with some experience. Even if you are a fresher, an internship shows that you have some knowledge of the job that you are about to do. Especially in any engineering core departments, internships or implant trainings will show your practical experience.

6. Achievements:

This column can include any achievement you had in school and college. But, if you have anything related to the job that you are taking up, you can line it first. For ex. If you are applying for the post of a content writer, an award for any essay writing competitions will be great and should be put above the sports medals.

7. Research Papers:

This will serve you well when you are applying for your core. Make sure you highlight it.

8. Languages Known, Interests & Hobbies:

Languages known is very important in a resume. Knowing more local languages means that you can be posted in many areas and you won’t face any issues in any unknown places. Hobbies define what you are other than your work and hence should be put in the resume.

9. Others:

The other data will include your family details, etc.

Download Resume Format in PDF Format

What Can A Strong Resume Do?

If you have a good resume, with the skill-sets that the company is looking for, on seeing them the interviewer will give you a higher preference over the others who attend the interview. Make sure you follow a good resume template. The necessary stuff should be highlighted, i.e. put in the resume in such a way that they get noticed first. For a good resume, a good resume template is a necessary requirement. you might like Sample Cover Letter For Job Application


You have got some good free strong resume templates here. Go through them to have an idea on how to align the contents in a resume. Also, go through the contents and cover all the necessary points in your resume. Please don’t add any fake data in your resume to make it long or to impress the interviewer. He/ she will be checking your resume and at times might ask about the stuff you mentioned in the resume.

If you have mentioned anything wrong over there, consider the job gone. So, you have everything now. Just get your resume ready and apply for the job. So learn how to Answer The Desired Salary On Application?

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