How to Answer The Desired Salary On an Online Application?

Have you ever wondered what to answer for the above question? If you looking for an answer then, here we are, going to talk about the best answer to the question. This is one question that will make you nervous and also a question that you cannot manage with blah blah blah, but give a number. You can even bypass the question. That also will be discussed here.

job interview question on salary requirement

Job Interview Question on Salary Requirement

So, how to decide on the number and answer the salary expectations question in the online application?

There are many ways to answer this question. We will go through the different types of responses one-by-one.

1. Phrase Says what you can’t

  • When you are advised to give a phrase response to a question that asks for a numerical answer, you have to understand that it is one way of bypassing the question.
  • Well, this type of response can be given only if the question can be answered with any textual characters. Most of the forms come with blank space with a character limit.
  • A good phrasal answer would be ‘open for discussion’ or ‘negotiable’. These are the phrasal replies that will help you to be ambiguous with your answer.
Phrase answer

Phrase Answer

2. Play with Number

  • There will be forms that won’t give you the option of any textual characters and you have to answer only in digits. Under no circumstances are you ever to give a number that you actually have in mind. The reason is simply that you have no idea what it is going to be like with the new job.
  • You don’t know what it is like to work there, you don’t know what you will get to do, who you will get to do it with, the training and development opportunities provided by the organisation, the vacation, the benefits, the benefits cost, etc. all of those things. So, it will simply sound like an uneducated response to give a specific number at this early stage.
number answer1

Number Answer

So, we discussed what not to answer. Let us talk about what to fill in the blank space meant for the expected salary.

number answer

number answer

  • This will sound crazy, but it is also advisable to write a number that does not make any sense. Wondering why to do this crazy thing? Well, the answer is simply that it will let the recruiter know that you do not want to reveal any information regarding your salary.
  • Think of any weird responses what will take the recruiters by shock. $1.0, $0.0 or $ 1,00,000 are all good answers.
  • By doing this you are also attracting the HR’s attention to you as the applicant who do not want to reveal his/ her salary history. This might sound weird, but a keen company would surely respect such a decision by an applicant of not willing to disclose their salary history.

Till now we checked about the positive aspects of this response. But this will not always work. The simple situation of a robot dealing with the forms and the company having a specific salary limit would eliminate your name from the list. Or even the recruiters might at times not appreciate the habit of not filling the form properly and not following the prescribed instructions.

Another thing about why not to give a specific number for the question is simply because we don’t want you to aim too low or too high. The recruiters and HR might have some expectations. By answering too low, you thereby set their expectations that your expectations are too low. They might be willing to pay you much more than what you have thought.

The other case is that you might price yourself out by going too high. These are the reasons why you should not go with a specific number and just go for the types of responses given here.

3. Range

  • There would be job application that do not allow text but allow you to fill with special characters. So, this facility gives you the opportunity to answer the question with a range. For example, you can give an answer like $60,000 – $80,000.
  • Well, to answer the expected salary blank by a numerical range, you should have done enough research on the company. Check the current market value of the company and figure out your worth in the job market.
  • If you were to answer with a numerical range, the research on the company is highly necessary. You should not be giving a range that is either very low or very high as discussed earlier.
  • Always give the best range. For example, the salary for the position is around $70,000 then give your answer as $70,000 – $80,000.
  • Always start the range with the maximum. Take this example and you will know why. Suppose you mention, I would like to earn between $70,000 and $80,000. What do you think the recruiters think about it?
range answer

Range Answer

What you would be thinking would be $80,000. But what the recruiters would think will be $70,000. So, start the range with the highest figure that you came up with from your research.

4. Specific Figure

  • Well, this response opposes everything that we have discussed until now. But, as the proverb goes, “Honesty is the best policy”. Well, one thing that you need to make sure is that you answer this correctly. Honesty is the best policy but that will not necessarily get you the jobthat you have applied.
  • By correctly what we meant here is a figure that is somehow related to the one that the recruiters will be expecting from the applicants. For giving that exact number you should have done your groundwork about the company before applying. Do some research and give a specific number.
Desired Salary figure

Desired Salary Figure

Here, we have discussed about the different types of responses that can be given to the expected salary field in a job application form.

Sample of Desired Salary on Resume:

expected salary resume sample

Expected Salary in Resume (SAMPLE)

Still Confuse? You might like to read and download Desired Salary on Online Job Application.

The goal here is to simply make it to the interview and interact with the employer yourselves. You can negotiate your way down there. And if you have already done impressing him, you don’t have to justify your salary expectations.

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