Acknowledgement Letter for Sending and Receiving Documents

Letter writing is the formal way of informing a person about something. Here, you will come to know about how to write an acknowledgement letter for sending as well as for receiving documents. An acknowledgement letter is simply a formal letter written to acknowledge the receipt of goods or documents.

To put it simply, the acknowledgement letters are receipt letters. These letters are short and written to serve the purpose of confirming the delivery of certain goods or documents. Here, we will focus on writing an acknowledgement letter acknowledging the delivery or the sending of documents. You might like Termination Letter For Poor Performance.

Layout of Acknowledgement Letter for Sending and Receiving Documents

  • The letter starts with the date which is followed by the name of the recipient in the next line. All the entries start at the left corner of the page. The recipient’s name is followed by his/ her position in the firm. This is followed by the salutation.
  • The salutation is usually “Dear (name of the recipient)” or “Sir” (like in a formal letter). The salutation is followed by the body of the letter. The body of an acknowledgement letter is straight to the point. You just start by stating the reason for writing the letter.
  • If it is an acknowledgement letter for sending documents, you start by saying, “This is to inform you that, as stated by the company, I am submitting the necessary documents ….” This line is followed by giving a list of the documents that you have submitted to the recipient.
  • If it is an acknowledgement letter for receiving documents, the body of the letter should contain the confirmation of the receiving of documents and also the dates of receiving receipt. You should also mention if the documents are received in a good order.
  • If any of the documents that the sender had stated were missing, this is where you mention it. Let the sender know that he/ she completed the necessary steps, etc.
  • In the last part of the body of the acknowledgement letter, you talk about the further actions to be taken after the documents have been submitted. For ex. if the letter is written for a job, the sender who is acknowledging the receiving of the documents can give a reply like-
  • “company is acknowledging the receipt of the following documents -” or “I hereby acknowledge receipt of the following documents – . You are requested to …“.
  • The acknowledgement letter be it for sending or receiving of documents is important in a firm as it specifies the date when the documents were sent and/ or received. The letter is meant to serve as a proof that both the parties involved have met the terms agreed upon.
  • The template of an acknowledgement letter can be found online. You can make use of the template and write one acknowledgement letter on your own. Make sure you follow the format mentioned here and also don’t miss out any important contents mentioned.

Acknowledgement Letter for Sending Documents:

acknowledgement letter for sending documents

Acknowledgement Letter for Sending

Download Acknowledgement Letter for Sending Documents in PDF

Acknowledgement Letter for Receiving Documents:

acknowledgement letter for receiving documents

Acknowledgement Letter for Sending and Receiving Documents

Download Acknowledgement Letter for Receiving Documents in PDF



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